Give you camera BRAINS!

There is quite some time that I promise post about my projects. I’m currently involved in two long term projects: Vision Blocks and Sense. The first one I’ll present to you is the project I’m most involved right now, Vision Blocks. This project was the main reason of my visit to MIT. During almost one […]

MIT Media Lab

This is the last week summary about my visit to MIT Media Lab. I’m back to Brazil, back to my job, to my rugby team and to my final semester at the college. I don’t have much to say about the work at lab in the last week, besides the classes I stayed tunned in […]

Camera Culture

Continuing with the week’s summary I’m already late to post the second one. The last week was very exciting as I saw opportunities to help another projects and attended to some entrepreneurial classes from MIT Solan School of Management. We also had a workshop with all researchers and visitors from camera culture group that helped me […]

As some of you already know, I’m currently in an unofficial one month visit at the MIT Media Lab in the Camera Culture research group thanks to my advisor Erick Passos. Yesterday I completed seven days here in Boston and still didn’t write anything here, what a shame! I don’t have much time to write about all my experience over […]


I must apologize for this quite long time since my last update. There are many things occurring and the good stuff will be soon available here in the blog. First of all, I’d like to share with you that the Infoway had two papers accepted in the 24th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge […]

Anaglyph Image

Once we already know the cues used by our brain to notice depth, it’s time to a little more technical chat. We’ll see a quick overview about some techniques used to acquire and view stereoscopic images to finally get the hands dirty for creating our own stereoscopic image in a simple tutorial for creating the stereo pair of […]

In a very straight forward definition 3D, imaging is the process to create optical illusion of depth on a 2D display. This goal can be achieved by reproducing a pair of slight different images in a way that viewers’ eyes see each image separately, creating the depth illusion as their brains combine the images into […]