First Week Summary

As some of you already know, I’m currently in an unofficial one month visit at the MIT Media Lab in the Camera Culture research group thanks to my advisor Erick Passos. Yesterday I completed seven days here in Boston and still didn’t write anything here, what a shame! I don’t have much time to write about all my experience over here, but I’ll try to make a summary every week or so, starting today. Last Monday, September 10th, we arrived in Boston in the afternoon and went straight to Media Lab. The lab is really an amazing place, a piece of art in architecture, with large open areas ready for a project demonstration and huge walls of glass allowing you to see other research groups’ work. But I didn’t have time to walk through all the place in that first day. After the necessaries introductions we made a quickly brainstorm about Vision Blocks goals in next months and how we’ll achieve them.

The first real meeting occurred only in the next morning, when we discussed more deeply about project’s problems and goals. Focusing in resolve inconsistency and reusability in the language we talked about what kind of control will we give to the users, and how they’ll interact with Vision Blocks. After this meeting we went trough a quick tour over the Media Lab and MIT Campus before the lunch time. In the afternoon, I was ready to start working. There is nothing extraordinary to say about the development of Vision Blocks. It is flowing well and we already set a working demo with some blocks to see its performance.

But there are more things that worth talking about. First, I can’t pretend that I’m not amazed with the Boston Hosteling International facilities. I’ve never traveled as much as I’d like and I only stayed at hostels a few times but here they have a brand new building with a great staff and every day there’s some activity to get people together and know good places in the city.

The other thing that worth commenting is the Artisan’s Asylum. Last saturday after dinner with another brazilian researchers (Erick Passos, Paulo Schor), Vitor Pamplona invited us to know the first “office” of his start up EYENETRA. We made our way to Somerville and we found a huge non-profit community craft studio. With a monthly payment you can have access to a fully equipped and professionally maintained manufacturing facility. It’s difficult to me even describe it, but you can take more information in its website!


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